5 Reasons Why You Should Custom Design And Build Your Own Dream Home Rather Than Buy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Signing on the dotted line for your new custom dream house can have a whole lot different meaning when you designed it yourself. The joy, pride, and sense of accomplishment that you can have in your new home are unbeatable. If that is not a good enough reason in itself, here are a few other reasons why you should custom design your own dream home.

1. It Is More Economical To Build Your Own House

Most people try to get top dollar when they are looking to sell their home. Of course, you cannot blame them for trying. You, on the other hand, do not need to pay top dollar for your new custom design home - whether it is a luxury home or a cottage home. It is your privilege to design and build your own custom home and not have to pay for someone else's equity.

2. Custom Home Designs Give You the Features You Want

Building your own home has its definite advantages. The greatest one is that you get to design and build your home - your way. Everything is designed to your own tastes and to your needs. You can put in walk-in closets where you want them, build a high-tech kitchen, put in spas and showers, a pool, add on a sunroom, and even finish the basement to your liking - with a game room.

3. Choose Your Own Custom Home Design and Style

Another thing that gives you a distinct advantage of designing your own home is that you can choose whatever style you like. Although you could go with a more traditional type of home, you could also select an alternate home design. This could include a straw bale home, a barn conversion home, an earthen home, geodesic, cordwood, or even one of your own design `nd style.

4. Avoid Other Peoples Headaches

Many other homes that you could buy are fine looking homes. They look great but there is always that uncertainty that something could be wrong and you just did not know about it. With your own custom design home, however, not only will your home be new, but it also will not have the same problems that an older home may have.

5. Custom Homes May Provide You with More Equity Up Front

It was already mentioned that when you buy an existing home that you are paying someone else's equity. You can save a whole lot of money, though, on your own custom design house if you help to build some of it yourself.

This way, not only do you save money, but you also have a higher equity in your own home - and not the next mans pocket. Not only that, but some of the alternative homes, such as the straw bale home, will actually enable you to save about 75% of the cost of a more traditional home. Yet it can still sell at a very good price - because this custom home lasts for a very long time.

By Tim Davis. You are invited to learn more from an experienced home draftsman of over 19 years who has drawn many hundreds of custom home plans for satisfied clients. Visit his Web site at Custom House Plans and learn more about how he can design your unique dream home for you.

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